Contemporary Education System

It is the implementation of learning activities that draw on students’ experiences both in and out of the classroom, assisting them in recognizing that they are developing specific skills that they perceive to be important for the world outside of school.

“The act or process of imparting the knowledge about our present world or society is called contemporary education.

Comparison between classical, Traditional and Modern Education

1. Overreaching structure of the Method:

Classical: Trivium-Grammar, Logic, Rhetoric

Traditional: Reading, Writing, Rithmatic

Modern: Skills based reading, Mathematics, Science and Social Sciences

2. Approach to History:

Classical: Chronological History  of world going back to 4000 BC

Traditional: Patriotic American history focusing on Presidents and Generals.

Modern: Anecdotal history, driven by current politics

3. Assessment Practices:

Classical: Poem recitation, Dramatic Performances, Music and art participation, Writing

Traditional: Pass-Fail grading

Modern: High stakes assessment such as STAR, end of course Pass or No Graduate standards, special education of students unable to pass exams.

4. Favorite Classroom Techniques

Classical: Reading of mythology and ancient stories, ancient language, memorization

Traditional: Cursive writing and hand writing sentence diagraming

Modern: Educational technology, small group reading

5. Classroom Management Strategies

Classical: Games, Participatory recitation, Performance routines, strong parent teacher relationships

Traditional: Rules and Regulations

Modern: Situational ethics, thinking problems through student centered classrooms, team work

6. Underlying Philosophy

Classical: Education is the best that has been thought and said will bring the students to the best that they themselves can be.

Traditional: Based in American values of the 19th century, the goal is raising and good citizen in a Christian country.

Modern: Education has a method for improving society, college and career readiness, schools which represent the best of what America is today.

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