Quantum cryptography, hidden in the mysticism of quantum physics, acts as a secret keeper in the digital world. Because, it […]

Entity-relationship diagrams (ERDs) are important database design tools. They show a visual map of the different parts of the database, […]

Edge computing is basically a computing model that brings computation and data storage nearer to the sources of data. It […]

Cybersecurity is the combination of technologies and procedures used to safeguard networks, devices, programs, and data from assault, deterioration, and […]

React is considered as the fastest growing Javascript framework. Slowly and steadily, the JavaScript tools are firming their roots in […]

String in python A string is a collection of text. Anything in Python surrounded by ‘’ or “” is called […]

Problem Solving with Sequential Structure CSC101_ICT_ Lab Manual Sp22_v3.1-85-95 Problem Solving with Decision Structure CSC101_ICT_ Lab Manual Sp22_v3.1-96-100 Problem Solving […]

E-commerce: Overview E-commerce Basics Business Applications Global Trends; Impacts: Impacts on Market & Retailers Impact on Supply Chain Management Impact […]

Information Systems & System Development: Need for System Development Enterprise Architecture Business Intelligence (BI) Users of Information Systems Types of […]

Introduction to Computing Identity Theft Impersonation by private information to obtain documents and credit in your name Thief can ‘become’ […]

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