Data Representation in Computer Organization Data can be anything, like numbers, names, music notes, or colors in pictures. How we […]

Memory and Storage of Computer Storage : Provides capacity for all the files and information you need (e.g. capacity of […]

Computer systems have four parts Hardware Software Data User   Hardware Mechanical devices in the computer, Anything that can be […]

History of Computer Older computers were analog Represent data as variable points along a continuous spectrum of values, More flexible […]

Array List and its Operations Array Same type of elements at contiguous location Same name and type To refer to […]

C++ Revision and example This lab teaches you the following topics: Basic syntax of C++ Data types and operators in […]

Introduction to Computer Systems Computers are everywhere What is computer? Black Box Problem Solver An Electronic device that converts data […]

Information Technology (IT) Information technology (IT) involves the utilization of computer systems and devices to acquire information, and it plays […]

C++ code for binary search using loop #include<iostream> #include<conio.h> using namespace std; void main() { int arry[10]; int item; int […]

Quick Sort Quick Sort : Based on Divide and Conquer paradigm. One of the fastest in-memory sorting algorithms (if not […]

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