Merge Sort Divide and conquer approach Merging is process of combining two sorted files into a third sorted file Given […]

Bucket sort Related links Single link list Stack […]

Radix sort Assumes that all elements in an array have same number of digits Running Time d is constant Running […]

Use Case Diagram UML A simple but very effective model used during the analysis phase for analysing requirements through the […]

UML Activity Diagrams What is UML Diagram…? UML stands for “Unified Modeling Language”. It is a industry-standard graphical language for […]

Software Testing Program testing Testing shows that a program does what it is intended to do and to discover program […]

Security and Dependability in Software System System dependability For many computer-based systems, the most important system property is the dependability […]

Constructive Cost Model [B. Boehm] Hierarchy of COCOMO models (parameters) –basic: prg size –intermediate: prg size & cost drivers […]

Software project management Concerned with activities involved in ensuring that software is delivered on time and on schedule Project management […]

Switch statement in c++ Multiple- selection construct that is used in multi decision making in an efficient way and is […]

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