Qualities of good Researcher

Friendly with Respondents. A good researcher must have the quality to become friendly with respondents. It should have to talk to them in the same language in which the responding are answering and make happy made.

Least Discouragement. If the people are not co-operate to give correct data, the researcher should not be discouraged and face the difficulties, it would be called a good researcher.

Free From Prejudice. A researcher would be good if he has no prejudice or bias study about a problematic situation but he is capable of providing clear information’s.

Capacity of Depth Information. A researcher should have the capacity to collect more and more information in little time.

Accuracy. A researcher would be said to be good, if he is accurate in his views. His ideas must be accurate one.

Truthful. A researcher must have to be truthful. Its idea would be free from false reports and saying information.

Keen Observer. It is the quality of a good researcher that he may have the ideas of keen and deep observation.

Careful in Listening. A researcher would be more careful in listening. He would have the quality of listening very low information’s even whispering.

Low Dependency on Common Sense. A researcher should be called good if he has low dependency on common sense but keep in observation all the events and happenings.

Least time Consumer. Good researcher must have the capacity of least time consuming. It will have to do more work in a little time because of the shortage of time.

Economical. Good researcher must have control over his economic resources. He has to keep his finances within limits and spend carefully.

Low Care of Disapprovals of Society. A good researcher have no care of the approvals or disapprovals but doing his work with zeal and patience to it.

Expert in Subject. A researcher would be a good one if he has full command over his subject. He makes the use of his theoretical study in field work easily.

Free From Hasty Statements. It is not expected from a good researcher to make his study hasty and invalid with wrong statements. Its study must be based on reality & validity.

Good in Conversation. The conversation of a good researcher should be sympathetic and not boring. He must have the skill and art to be liked by the people.

Having Clear Terminology. A good researcher’s terminology would be clear. It would be free from out wards to become difficult for the respondents to answer.

Trained in Research Tools. Research is impossible without its techniques and tools. So, it should be better for a researcher to know about the use of these tools.

Dress and Behavior same to the area. The dress and the behavior of the researcher should be same as to the study area. it is must for him to convince the people easily and adopt their dress.

More Analytical. A researcher would be different from other people of the society. On the basis of this quality he may observe the situation very well. Then he should be able to solve the problems easily.

Equality and Justice. A good researcher should believe on equality and justice. As equal to all type of people he may collect better information’s from the respondents.

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