Characteristics of Research

Characteristics of Social Research

Followings are the main Characteristics of Social Research

Accuracy & Precision

Accuracy and precision are also the basic requirements for a research. A researcher brought its views must be accurate and precise to the problematic situation. For example someone says that the illiteracy or literacy rate is rural areas is 100%. This statement is invalid and does not accurate to the rural areas. Instead of it he should say that the rural areas, s people are 50%, 60% or 80% illiterate. This would be acceptable.


Another characteristic of research is the researcher must verify the data. It must be subject for verifiability and testability. For example; the statement, “criminality is due to illiteracy among the people”. This proposition would be regarded as scientific fact because it verifies the observation that the ration of criminals among literate people is less as compared to illiterate.

Evidence of Facts

Research knowledge should be based on facts second hand information or hearing and say reports should not be added to the research study. It must have is original facts for which it is necessary.


Objectivity means that the reality must be shown in a research. Scientific research must have its real thing is and it must be clear from self or personal bias, prejudice, feelings of like and dislike etc.

Reliability & Validity

Truth is the canon of research. The research study must be true and valid to a great extent. No outwards information or self-created objects are included to a research study. The error should be finished.


Qualification is the personal experience and skill of a researcher. The complete study of a problematic situation is possible when the researcher is qualified and known well about the existing problem.


Various instruments, devices and scientific techniques are used for measuring and undertaking a problem for testing. Accurate measurement is required for researcher to measure the data collected from a problematic phenomenon.

Recording and Reporting

Every term should be defined and illustrate clearly. The procedure must be described in detail and the report should be written by the researcher to clarify the situation.

Centers around a Problem

The research must be focused on a point. It means that the study must be confined to a specific place and existing of a particular problem.

Original Works

Social research is clear from duplicate or copied information. It must have the original work not on the work done by other. Actually research starts from the point when the already existing knowledge ends.

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