Difficulties in Research

Difficulties in Social Research

Social research is a complex work, which has the following main difficulties

Lack of good Investigators

For the collection of good information better investigation is necessary. If the investigators are not sincere, then it will hinder the way of social research.

Difficulty in Hypothesis Formulation

The hypothesis formulation is very difficult. Every person cannot form a hypothesis about a problem, but it requires the skill of the research.

Problem of Questionnaire

The construction of a good questionnaire is also required skill. The questionnaire should be simple, easy and in local language, otherwise it is difficulty.

Dependent on Others

A researcher cannot do everything by himself. He involves other persons in the field and they have no interest in study.

Complex Nature of Problem

If the problem is complex type, then the research remains incomplete. So, it depends on the nature of the problem.

Difficulty in Problem Identification

To know about the causes of the problem and identify it is very difficult. It is the block in the way of rapid research.

Difficulty in Designing

The formation of study design is also a difficult work therefore it is a problem.

No Use of Terminology

Research has its own terminology. If a research has no knowledge about the terminology then it is a problem in the way of social research.

Problem of data Collection

People are not ready to provide correct information to a researcher. So, data collection in field gives a difficulty in the flied to a research.

Lack of Economic Stability

If visiting team have financial problems, then it will hinder the way of social research to complete the research in a more efficient and effective way.

Lack of Transport & Communication

Transport and communication gape also hinder the way of social research.

Lack of food & Recreation

Scarcity of food and recreation gives obstacles to the researcher these facilities should be provides otherwise research remains incomplete.

Difference in Languages

If there is some difference in languages b/w people and researcher, then they do not know the purpose of the investigator which leads to difficulty is research.

Accommodation Problem

The research teams should be provided to them the facility of stay. When these things are not available, the problem faced them is the field.

Time Management

Research is completed in a specific time but some projects are not able to complete it in defined time.

Political Instability

In some areas political instability hinder the way of research process. The research remains incomplete.

Environmental Differences

Sometimes the difference between various environments brings hurdle in the way of social research.

Cultural Differences

Difference in cultures is also responsible for the scarcity of research study.

Diseases & No Treatment Facility

If there are diseases in a locality and have no specific treatment facility, it leads to hinder the way of social research.

Religious Differences

Religious differences and section violence produce a hurdle in the way of social research.

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