Effective Teaching Concepts


  • Knowledge is like a garden: If it is not cultivated, it cannot be harvested.
  • “Tell me and I will forget show me and I will remember do it with me and I will know
  • This means knowledge is a result of telling, showing and doing “actively” with learners (trainees) in a teaching process


  • Teaching focuses on three fundamental elements and processes
  • Cognitive
  • Psychomotor
  • Affective


  • The cognitive process is related to knowledge
  • It appeals mainly to our mind or intellect.
  • This knowledge affects our responses and reactions to situations
  • New Ideas
  • Organization of existing Knowledge/ideas


  • Ability to identify facts which explain the existence or absence of particular matter.
  • Ideas which can convince or persuade someone in an argument.
  • Ability to determine the interconnection between two or more things.
  • One’s ability to create alternative ways of doing something.
  • One’s ability to organise ideas and thoughts when making a verbal or written presentation:-
  • a) Ideas, facts, figures, numbers and symbols.
  • b) Inter-relationship between such facts, ideas, figures, numbers, symbols e.t.c.


  • Refers to skills acquired through the teaching/learning situation
  • How we learn to co-ordinate and use our hands, heads, legs and other parts of our bodies


  • Ability to play any or all ball games
  • Soccer, Basketball, Netball, Rugby
  • On becoming effective athletes and gymnastics.
  • Undertaking any other trade, skill or craft.


  • Feelings and attitudes
  • Our feelings and attitudes reflect the values we are associated with
  • Positive and negative Values
  • teaching seeks to promote positive values and attitudes while at the same time gradually



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