Abilities and needs of a Good teacher

  • Stimulate and sustain learners’ interest in what they teach.
  • Use language which learners understand easily.
  • Break down the content or lesson into simple manageable yet systematic blocks.
  • Help learners to learn on their own rather than depending wholly on the teacher.
  • Makes learners creative and critical in order to fully understand the idea, art or skill being taught
  • Ability to review, test and confirm, if not apply what has been taught.

7-Laws of teaching

These are also counted as needs of  a good Teacher

  • Have a clear understanding of the content embodied in the lesson.
  • Makes learners develop interest in the subject matter through effective class management techniques
  • Uses words and expressions which have common meaning to the learner and teacher alike.
  • Starts teaching the known and proceeds gradually to teach the unknown or more abstract material.
  • Makes learners to think, act and discover new knowledge on their own.
  • Encourages learners to reproduce in their own words what they have learned
  • Evaluates what has been taught in order to determine its worth and correct any false impression.
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