System Software and Application Software

Computer Software is a sort of program that allows clients to work on different assignments or use them to work on their System. It tells the working and responsibilities of the System. Basically, Software is a set of instructions or commands that tells,  how to do and what to do.

Types of Software

  1. System Software
  2. Application Software

System Software

System Software is the type of software that is the interface between application software and the system. Low-level languages are used to write the system software. System Software maintains the system resources and gives the path for application software to run. An important thing is that without system software, the system can not run. It is general-purpose software.

Functions of System Software

  • Memory Management
  • Processor Management
  • File Management
  • Security
  • Error-detecting Aids
  • Scheduling

Features of System Software

  • System software is written in a low-level language.
  • System software is complex to understand.
  • System software is present near hardware components.

Types of System Software

  • Operating System: Operating System is the main part of the Computer System. It has the responsibility of managing all the resources such as CPU, Printer, Hard Disk, etc. It also provides services to many other Computers Softwares. Examples of Operating Systems are Linux, Apple, macOS, Microsoft Windows, etc.
  • Language Processor: System Software converts Human-Readable Language into a Machine Language and it is done by Language Processor. It converts programs into instructions that are easily readable by Machines.
  • Device Driver: A Device Driver is a program or software that helps to perform its functions by controlling the device. You first have to install a driver for running the program.

Application Software

Application Software is the type of software that runs as per user request. It runs on the platform which is provided by system software. High-level languages are used to write the application software. It’s a specific purpose software. The main difference between System Software and Application Software is that without system software, the system can not run on the other hand without application software, the Low-level maintenance system always runs.

Functions of Application Software

  • Information and data management
  • Management of documents (document exchange systems)
  • Development of visuals and video
  • Emails, text messaging, audio, and video conferencing, and cooperation are all options.
  • Management of accounting, finance, and payroll
  • Management of resources (ERP and CRM systems)

Features of Application Software

  • Application software is written in a high-level language.
  • Only a single task is performed by each application software.
  • Application Software is easy to build in comparison to system software.

Types of Application Software

  1. General Purpose Software: This Application Software is used to perform tasks that are used for a variety of tasks, just not limited to a specific task only. For Example, MS Word, MS Excel, etc.
  2. Customized Software: It is used to perform tasks that are designed for specific organizations. For Example, Railway Reservation System, Airline Reservation System, etc.
  3. Utility Software: It is used to support the architecture of the Computer. It is designed for optimizing and maintaining the system and also taking care of its requirements.


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