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Question No 1.

Differentiate the product vs. project. Write the software project requirements in detail. [2]

Question No 2.

Discuss the systems stakeholders, Write the three most important stakeholders of a software system with their key roles and responsibilities.[4]

Question No 3.

The well-established requirements specification practices are a prerequisite for effective software design and development. Write the good practices of requirements specifications.

Software requirement engineering final paper

Question No 1.

A software system is often governed by complex logic, with various combinations of conditions leading to different system behaviors. For example, if the driver presses the accelerate button on a car’s cruise control system and the car is currently cruising, the system increases the car’s speed, but if the car isn’t cruising, the input is ignored. Developers need functional requirements that describe what the system should do under all possible combinations of conditions. However, it’s easy to overlook a condition, which results in a missing requirement. These gaps are hard to spot by reviewing a textual specification. Make a decision table and tree to elaborate the concept with an appropriate example. [8]

Question No 3.

Do you know that there are numerous elicitation techniques that can be employed on software projects? In fact, no project team should expect to use only one elicitation technique. There are always many types of information to be discovered, write at least three fact finding techniques that are used in requirements gathering with guidelines and examples. [7]

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