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Software engineering concepts past/Previous question paper

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Q1: Describe any three ways of collecting requirements. And explain which method is preferred where?

Q2: Suppose you are going to make an app similar to Whatsapp.

2.1) Write Scope for your app.

2.2) Draw a use case diagram for the user of the app.

2.3) Draw a sequence diagram for a user making a call to his/her friend.

2.4) Draw level 0 and level 1 DFD for the app.

Software engineering concepts Final Paper in 2022

Question 1: Answer the following questions. (5+5)

Differentiate between verification and validation with an example. Draw use case diagram for an online garments shop e.g. breakout showing primary

and secondary actors. Draw level zero DFD for facebook.

Explain defect tracking with an example. How it is different from a bug.

Draw a UML diagram for a project which has a general class of a “Player”, two sub classes of player as “Batsman” and “Bowler”. The system should also include a separate class of “Address” to store and display player address. Diagram should clearly indicate the relationship between these classes. You can assume any characteristic or functions for the player and its sub classes.

Question 2: Write the non-functional requirements for the following two projects. (10)

a) Bike racing game

b) An online banking system

How these non-functional requirements are fulfilled during system development.

Case: Adobe is working on project to come up with a competing product for Microsoft Word, that provides all the features provided by Microsoft Word and any other features requested by the marketing team. The final product needs to be ready in 10 months of time. Question 3: Considering the given case, answer the following questions:

3.1 Which process model do you think will work best for this project. And why? (5.5)

3.2 What method you will prefer for initial requirement gathering? (5.5) 3.3 Which software architecture style will best suit this system. (4)

Software engineering concepts Final sp20 in  paper

Question 01) Draw a class diagram and sequence diagram for School system. School system consists of following actors. Try to show every possible activity and attribute of these objects in your class and sequence diagram to clear the role of every actor. (10 Marks)

1) Admin

2) Test paper

2) Student 5) Teacher

4) Batch

6) Subject

Question 02) “Intelligent Mart “This project will help in simplifying and automate the daily activates of basic retail stores. It will fasten the transaction process that will lead in better shopping experience for both customer and store. Intelligent Mart is a retail management system that executes payment of goods, maintain inventory, generate reports and manages users. The project shall have following objectives: 1) Future Prediction of Sales and Items a. It shall help in making future decisions for the retail store like how much sale is expected on a particular day and which items shall be mostly sold. b. The system shall make predictions based on the previous transactions in the database and on significant events like Eid, Independence Day etc. 2) Auto ordering of stock and updating of inventory a. The system shall automatically generate the purchase order of the low and required stock. This purchase order shall be send to all the suppliers. b. The sent stock from supplier will be automatically updated into the inventory after verification. 3) Cash Flow Management a. The system shall manage the cash change by instructing the cashier after each transaction which notes shall he/she give as a change to customer. b. This shall result in efficiently utilizing the change notes. 4) Easy GUI a. The system shall have easy to use interface with less clustered buttons and touch screen support

A) Write down all possible test cases for the given System in detail. (10) B) Apply unit testing, system testing and acceptance testing on above given scenario.(10)

Question 03: Viva (After theoretical paper)(20 marks)

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