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Mid Term Examination 2021

Professional practices in IT


Briefly explain why Fostering Good Business Ethics is important.


“As an ACM computing professional member” What are the specific professional responsibilities during designing & maintaining of an information system?


What is the Three- step strategy for approaching cyber-ethics issues?


Zeeshan is working on a project for his computer science course. Instructor has  allotted a fix amount of time for the submission of the project. This time is enforced by the computer system.zeeshan runs out of time, but has not yet finished the project.

Zeeshan worked last year as a co-op programmer in the department. He is very familiar with producers used to increase time allocations to accounts. using what he learned the last year, he is able to access the master account. Then he gives himself additional time. He now completes his project and submits on online system.


Sessional 1 question paper 2020

Question No. 1                                                                 Marks (02 + 06)

  1. Differentiate between morals, ethics and laws
  2. How organization can reduce ethics risk? What actions organiztion can take to improve business ethics?

Question No. 2                                                                 Marks (02 + 06)

  1. Give four examples that arise public concern about the ethical use of
  2. Define Subjective Relativism and Act Utilitarianism, describe similarities and differences between Subjective Relativism and Act

Question No. 3                                                              Marks (04)

What is imperative? Describe Kantianism with respect to imperative kinds.

Sessional 2 question paper 2020

Question No. 1                                                        Marks (02 + 03 + 03)

  1. Briefly describe the characteristics of a fully developed profession.
  2. In what ways is a computer-related career, such as programming or system administration, similar to a fully developed profession such as medicine? In what ways is a computer-related career unlike a fully developed profession?
  3. Which clauses in the Software Engineering Code of Ethics and Professional Practice support the legitimacy of whistle-blowing?

Question No. 2                                             Marks (02 + 03 + 02)

  1. What features of intellectual property make it more difficult to protect than physical property?
  2. What is whistle-blowing? What harms does it cause? What benefits may it provide?
  3. How does BitTorrent provide an order-of-magnitude increase in downloading speed compared to earlier peer-to-peer networks?

Mid term Paper 2022

Question No. 1

Shortly describe the following.                Marks (06 * 02)

  1. What are the relative advantages and disadvantages of patents versus trade secrets?
  2. Why is it important that some information be made available to everyone through public records?
  3. Should parents implant microchips in their children to make them easier to identify in case they are lost or kidnapped? Why or why not?
  4. Before offering a job candidate a position, some potential employers do a criminal background check of the What are the pros and cons of this policy?
  5. What is the difference between spyware and adware?
  6. What is the difference between a computer virus and a worm?

Question No. 2                               Marks (05)

In the Software Engineering Code of Ethics and Professional Practice, identify five clauses that reflect a utilitarian ethical viewpoint and identify five clauses that reflect a Kantian viewpoint.

Question No. 3

Briefly answer the following.              Marks (04 * 03)

  1. Describe three “low-tech” methods that hackers have used to obtain login names and
  2. Explain the difference between an opt-in policy and an opt-out policy regarding information Which policy is favoured by privacy advocates?
  3. Suppose company A wants to develop a program that duplicates the functionality of a program made by company Describe how company A may do this without violating the copyrights held by company B.
  4. Explain two different ways a vote thief could cast multiple votes in an online

Question No. 4                                                                                                                              Marks (06)

The following principal reasons have been given for the failure of computerized systems: a). A system designed for one purpose was used for another purpose.

  • Software was reused without adequate
  • There was an error in storing or converting a data d). A line of code became a single point of failure.
  • The overall system was too complicated to
  • There was another software error (other than those listed in a–e).

For each of the following systems, select the principal reason or reasons why it failed to operate as specified.

  • Patriot missile
  • Ariane 5
  • AT&T long-distance network
  • Denver International Airport baggage system
  • Tokyo Stock Exchange
  • Direct-recording electronic voting machines

Sessional 1 paper 2019

Important Note: Attempt all questions All Questions Carry Equal Marks.

Elaborate your answer with simple suitable examples, where Applicable

Question 1)

What is “Spam” & “Spam Epidemic? Why Spam is considered unethical? Explain with logic?

Question 2)

Enlist & explain the ways that do we use to interact with others over internet?

Question 3)

What is the Censorship? What new challenges, Internet has posed on Censorship?

Question 4)

What are the Characteristics of a Profession? Explain the Principles of Software Engineering code of Ethics”?

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