Language Skills past paper

Language Skills past question paper

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Language Skills Final Paper 2019

Question 1:

Analyse the following sentences:

1. Great is your reward in heaven.

2. The jury found him guilty.

3. His parents named him hari.

4. I promised him a present.

5. A thunderstorm often turns milk sour.

6. Nothing will make him repent.

7. The sky grew dark.

8. The man seems worried.

9. His words filled them with terror.

10. Father brought Mini a doll. (Marks: 10)

Question 2:

Turn the following into Passive voice Speech:

1. They use video for teaching the students.

2. They made him king.

3. We prohibit smoking.

4. Your behavior vexes me.

5. People will soon forget it.

Question 2:                                                                                           (Marks: 5)

Write a letter to the manager of a factory, asking permission for a party to visit the factory. (Marks: 10)

Question 3:

Write short paragraph on ‘A Rainy Day’ (Marks: 5)

Question 4:

Write Précis and title of the following passage of about one-third of the original length: Trees give shade for the benefit of others and while they themselves stand in the sun and endure scorching heat, they produce the fruit by which others profit. The character of good men is like that of trees. What is the use of this perishable body, if no use of it is made for the benefit of mankind? Sandalwood – the more it is rubbed the more scent does it yield. Sugarcane – the more it is peeled and cut into pieces, the more juice does it produce. Gold – the more it is burnt, the more brightly does it shine. The men who are noble at heart do not lose these qualities even in losing their lives. What does it matter whether men praise them or not? What difference does it make whether riches abide with them or not? What does it signify whether they die at this moment or whether their lives are prolonged? Happen what may, those who tread in the right path will not set foot in any other. Life itself is unprofitable to a man who does not live for others. To live for the mere sake of living one’s life is to live the life of dogs and cows. Those who lay down their lives for the sake of a friend, or even for the sake of a stranger, will assuredly dwell forever in a world of bliss. (Marks: 10)

Question 5:

Construct a readable story from following outline: A jackal wants crabs on the other side of a river-wonders how to get across-tells camel there is sugarcane the other side-camel agrees to carry him across in return for information-they cross-jackal finishes his meal-plays trick on camel-runs round the fields howling- villagers rush out-see camel in sugarcane-beat him with sticks-camel runs to river jackal jumps on his back-while crossing, camel asks jackal why he played him such a trick-jackal says he always howls after a good meal-camel replies he always takes a bath after a good meal rolls in the river-jackal nearly drowned-tit-for-tat.

Language Skills mid term question paper  2019

Question 1:

Turn the following sentences from the Active Voice to the Passive Voice:

1. He keeps me waiting.

2. Mr. Ali teaches us grammar.

3. Somebody has put out the light.

4. The syce feeds the horse every day.

5. We must listen to his words.

Question 2:                                                                                                 (Marks: 5)

Turn the following into Indirect Speech: 1. Bring me a drink of milk’ said the swami to the villagers.

2. He said to me, “Wait until I come.”

3. He said, ‘Oh! that’s nuisance,”

4. Sit down boys,” said the teacher.

5. Go down to the bazaar. Bring me some oil and lump of ice. Ordered his master.

Question 3:                                                                                                      (Marks: 5)

Write Précis and tiltle of the following passage of about one-third of the original length:

There are hundreds of superstitions which survive in various parts of the country, and the study of them is rather amusing. We are told, for example, that it is unlucky to point to the new moon or to look at it through glass, but if we bow nine times to it we shall have a hicky month. Now suppose you tell a scientist that you believe in a certain superstition let us say, that the howling of a dog is a sign of death. The scientist will immediately require evidence before he can accept your belief. He will want figures to prove it. It will be useless to quote two or three cases; he will want hundreds. He will want also to know (a) if it ever happens that the howling of dogs is not followed by a death, (b) if ever a person’s death is predicted by the howling of dogs. The answer to the former question is in the affirmative, and to the latter in the negative. Your superstition will not bear investigation. It may impress an ignorant person; but it cannot face the light of facts. Your case would not cany conviction in a court of law. Apart from this process of testing by results, any intelligent man will want to know I he “reason why”. What connection can there be between a howling dog and an approaching death? Can it be cause and effect? Can it be that the dog has a gift of foreseeing such events? Or is the dog the instrument employed by some uncanny power that moves invisibly in our midst?


Q.NO.1. Write short notes with examples on the following: (20)

i. Approval and disapproval in Prejudgment

ii. Paratoxic Distortion

iii. The Perpetuating illusions

iv. Stereotypes

v. Four stages of negotiation

Q.NO.2. What are essential guidelines for making contact? Explain with your arguments. (10)

Q. No.3 How do you resolve the situation if you are stuck on one plan? Mentally rehearse a new position. (10)

Q. No.4 What are the effective strategies for influencing others for change? (10).


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