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ICT Mid Term question paper 2021

Q1: Draw following table on your answer sheet and provides missing details in column about different computer generations according to their related time periods, characteristics with hardware/software inventions.

Q2: Provide details about common types of code tables available in different types of operating systems, which are used for translation of all input values into binaries. Distinguish between binary and decimal number system. Convert following decimal numbers into binary.

ICT past Question paper
ICT past Question paper

Q3: What is Boolean algebra? How NAND,NOR, exclusive XOR, negative AND, negative OR and exclusive NOR gates are used for arithmetic logical operations? Explain them by using their different truth table values.

Q4: What is Register? Differentiate between different types of the registers. How virtual memory works and many techniques are used for integration between RAM and virtual memory for sharing of data and instructions. Draw memory hierarchy pyramid diagram highlight different memory types speed and cost. Write down of machine cycles and explain its phases with some example.

ICT question paper 2019

Section: A

Question No. 1

Write short answers of following:  Marks (5*4)

a) Selection structure in python by Compared List and String in Python

c) Parts of Computer system

d Differentiate variables and data type Local variable and its scope

Section: B

Question No. 2  Marks (10)

The iteration (loop) structure executes a sequence of statements repeatedly as long as a condition holds true: List out iterations (loops) structures that Python support, Explain their working and syntax with a help of example.

Question No. 3 Marks (10)

Write a program using functional approach in Python that determines a student’s The program will read three types of scores (quiz, mid-term, and final scores) in one function and determine the grade in another function based on the following rules: if the average score -90% grade A

  1. if the average score >= 70% and <90% grade-B

IV. if the average score>=50% and <70%⇒grade-C if the average score<50% =>grade-F

Question No. 4 :Marks (5, 5)

1) Briefly describe application software and system software with examples by supporting features.

  1. ii) Briefly describe history of computer systems.

Sessional 2 question paper 2019

Q1:Write a program that find all such numbers that are divisible by 7 but not multiples of 5 in the range of 400 to 500 (both inclusive), Print the numbers in a single line with commas separated between each number number is the (15 marks)

Q2: Write a program that takes 2 numbers as input. 1″ number is the base and 2 exponent. Calculate the power using those numbers.

For example 1″ number = 2 and 2 number = 3 then power = 8, (10 marks)

Q3: Find the area of a circle using 1 variable named radius and second

Formula for radius of a circle is pierr is pi-3.14/ (5 marks)

ICT Final 2016

Q1.   How do antivirus programs detect and identify a virus?

Q2.   Who uses content filtering and why? Describe a rating system used for content filtering.

Q3. Why are project management, feasibility assessment, documentation, and data and information gathering techniques important?

Q4.   What is validation? What are five types of validity checks?

Q5.   What are database relationship types, give an example of each.

Q6.   How does encryption work, and why is it necessary?

Q7.   What are techniques to prevent unauthorized computer access and use?

Q8.   What is the purpose of activities performed in the testing phase?

Q9.   What activities are performed in the analysis phase?

Q10. What activities are performed in the operations, support, and security phase?

ICT question paper 2021

1. Write a python program that takes an integer value from user and check whether it is positive negative or zero. If integer is positive number than calculate its factorial by function, if it is equal to zero than print its factorial value, or if it is a negative number than simply print that “Sorry, factorial does not exist for negative numbers”. 15 Marks

2. Provides details about different types of the viruses and cybercrimes. How many ways are used to safeguard from such kinds of the computer risks? You may have a look on your Mobile/PC/Labtop and provide details that how many security risk countermeasures exists in these devices? 15 Marks:

3. What is networking? Explain about different usage of the networks. Explain about role of the modems in network communications. Provides detailed steps about common features of the network protocols 10 Marks

4. Differentiate between command line and graphical user interfaces in operating system?

How an operating system handles programs directly affects your productivity such as

single user and multiuser, single tasking and multitasking preemptive multitasking

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