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Human resource management Sessional I in 2011

  1. Define the human resource management and Differentiate between the line and staff managers on base of their responsibilities and authorizes with examples? (5)
  2. Define the strategic human resource management and discuss the model of “how to align human resource strategies and actions with business strategies”?             (5)
  3. Select any position on your own choice and develop the job description?        (5)
  4. Discuss the four important points of clarity with the reference of article “What leaders Must Provide”?                                                                               (5)

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Human resource management Sessional I in 2019

Qnol: Write job descriptions, including summaries and job functions for the post of change

agent, using the Internet and traditional methods. (6)

Qno2: Name and describe the main internal sources of candidates. (5)

Qno3: Describe the main techniques used in employment planning and forecasting. (4)

Human resource management Sessional II 2019

Q:1 More than 50 percent of all MBAs leave their first organization within the five years. While the change may mean career growth for the individuals, it represents a loss to the employers. What are some of the probable reasons MBAs would leave his or her first employer?

Q:2.Elaborate the following:


a: Big Five factor model

b: Polygraph test and Graphology

+-360 Degren Appoisal

d: Succession planning

e: Error of central tendency

f: Management by Objective (MBO)

Q:3.There are three types of appraisal interviews:

What different skills are required for each type of appraisal interview? What reactions one can expect from using these different skills?

b. How can one develop the skills needed for the problem-solving type of interview?

c. Which method is the least desirable and Why?(4)

Human resource management Final in 2019

Q:1… One of the objective to granting wage increase on a percentage basis is that the lowest-paid employees, who are having the most trouble making end meet, get the smallest increase. while the highest paid employees get the largest increase. Is this objection a valid one? Explain.


Q:2.Elaborate the following:

a: Tysel Team compensation


b: Types of Pension plans

c: Occupational health and safety Act

d: Profit-sharing plan

Q:3. Contrast the differences between straight, piecework, differential piece rate and standard hour pains. Explain where each plan might best be used?

Q:4. Employers are required by law to provide specific benefits to employees. What laws mandate benetits to employees and what are the provisions of those laws (Workers’ Compensation Act 1923)? (8)

Q:5.Many organizations are concerned about the rising cost of employee benefits and question their value to the organization and to the employees.

(a) In your opinion, what benefits are of greatest value to employees? To the organization? Why? (b) What can management do to increase the value to organization of the benefits provided to employees!

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