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Human computer interaction(HCI) Mid term past paper

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What input and output devices would you use for the following systems? For each, compare and contrast alternatives, and if appropriate indicate why the conventional keyboard, mouse and CRT screen may be less suitable.

  1. Portable word processor
  2. Tourist information system
  3. Tractor-mounted crop-spraying controller
  4. Worldwide personal communication system
  5. Air traffic control system

Q2: Briefly explain both Models of interaction?

Q3: What is reasoning explain all types of reasoning in detail?

Human computer interaction(HCI) Sessional II past paper

COMSATS University Islamabad, Vehari Campus Department of Computer Science


Subject:        Human Computer Interaction                                                Instructor: Uzair Ishtiaq

Class:           BCS-B17, BSSE B10 & B11                                                     Total Time: 60 Minutes

Maximum Marks: 15                                                                             Registration No.            

Q – 01: Design and analyze the following systems based on user-centered approach using paper and pen

/ pencil approach. Use / Indicate appropriate colors for your interfaces: [10]

  1. Objectives: From this exam, you will be able to,
    • Bring out the creativity – build innovative applications that are user
    • Feel motivated to apply HCI in day–to–day
  2. Requirement: Design the possible interfaces using paper and pencil approach.
  • Theory: “Computer System Design is the process that consists of a user-oriented approach where all meaningful activities are systematically framed together, and utmost importance is given to the person who is going to use that system”

Following are the activities involved in design process:

  • Understanding user
  • Understanding purpose of the
  • Understanding the work
  1. Procedure:

Know your client: Develop the interfaces for the following categories by understanding the user who will be using your system. Comment on the category of user selected and specific features given for the users and identify what kinds of interfaces will they like and why?

  1. Older generation: Folks from the older generation has been very wary of using their credit card on the internet. They have various concerns when it comes to paying their bills. Also because of their old age, it will be beneficial for them to use the internet and pay their phone, electricity, gas bills, etc. Design app interfaces for these
  2. Rural people: People living in rural areas are not much educated and most of them are also not familiar with vending machines, but they prefer to travel on train if they have to travel to a distant Design an Automatic Ticket Vending Machine for train ticketing to be used by people in in rural area, while considering their problems, interests, needs, language etc.

Q – 02: Viva will be conducted online. [5]


“I’ve learned that I still have a lot to learn”

~ Maya Angelou

Final Question paper

Question 01:Brands-Heaven Online Ordering System”                                                          [20]

The Brands-Heaven Online Ordering System allows the user of a web browser to order Brands-Heaven Home Decor for home delivery, since it has physical appearance in 5 countries (United Kingdom, France, Pakistan, Turkey and Indonesia). To place an order, a shopper searches to find items to purchase, adds items one at a time to a shopping cart, and possibly searches again for more items. When all items have been chosen, the shopper provides a delivery address. If not paying with cash, the shopper also provides credit card information. The system has an option for shoppers to register with the Brands-Heaven shop for future correspondence regarding any sales promotions and feedback. They can then save their name and address information, so that they do not have to enter this information every time when they place an order.

  • Develop the interface designs, the “Welcome” page which is an interface where you can select your country and get to know the logos, web addresses, physical addresses with google maps of the locations, emails and phone numbers of the countries. Another interface for placing an order, “Place Order”. The interface should show a relationship with two previously specified interfaces, which are, “Identify Customer”, that allows a user to register and log in, and “Pay by Credit”, which models credit card Use / indicate color choices for the interfaces with proper justification.

Question 02: A menu is the list of choices available on the screen. Describe only those types of menus that are discussed in our Human Computer Interaction classes / course. Also design these Menus (alongwith submenus) for the interfaces that you have already designed in Question 01 (atleast one Menu type for one interface). Also list down the ways of interaction by the human with the respective Menu.             [15]


Question 03: Identify all the G, O, M and S for placing a file named “HCI.docx” from desktop to E:\ Drive. Also create a GOMS description for this scenario.                                                                             [15]

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