Sociology past paper

Sociology past/Previous question paper

Sociology Final Paper 2021


Define and explain following terms in short: (10 Marks)

a. Deviance.

b. Civilization

e. Real Culture.

d. Ethnocentrism

c. Material Culture


Define social control and explain 9 steps to attain social control in the society. (10 Marks)


Describe role conflict, its 5 causes and also explain 5 solutions of role conflict. (10 Marks)


What are social norms? Discuss their 2 aspects and 7 functions. (10 Marks)


What do you mean by culture and explain its at least 10 characteristics in detail? (10 Marks)

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Sociology Sessional 1 question paper

Sociology S1

Sociology Final question paper


Class:  BS Software Engineering                                           Date: 20-08-2020

Subject:  Introduction to Sociology                                        Instructor:  Mr. Rashid Naseer

Total Time Allowed: 1 Hour 30 Mints                                   Max Marks: 50

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Subjective Paper

Short Questions

  1. No. 1: What is social interaction? also explain its importance in our everyday life.                              5
  2. No 2:  Define social action and its basics elements?                                                                               5
  3. No. 3: How we can measure the level of social interaction?                                                                   5
  4. No. 4: Define society? Elaborate the theories of social evaluation of society?                                       5

Long Questions

  1. No. 1: Explain Society and What do you think that how society developed? 10
  2. No. 2: Define in group and out group? also explain its characteristics. 10
  3. No. 3: Differentiate Primary and Secondary Groups with reference to their characteristics? 10

Sociology past paper

Sociology past paper

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