Postcolonial Literature past paper

Postcolonial Literature past/Previous question paper

Postcolonial Literature Fall 21 final paper

Question 1: Examine A Dance of the Forest as price issues of therap What is the significance of the characters playing double roles in A Dance of Se Fe (12 marks)

Question 2: Discuss the elements of diaspora in the novel An American Brat by Bapsi Sidhwa What are the major changes that Feroza Ginwalla experiences when she moves to America in the novel An American Brat? (15 marks)

Question 3: What are the themes of Rohinton Mistry’s short story “The Ghost of Firozsha Bang”? What is the major conflict in the story? (10 marks)

Question 4. la his play “The Dreamers’ how does Jack Davis give a painful insight into the process

f colonization and the transformation of his people. (10 marks)

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