Phonetics and Phonology past paper

Phonetics and Phonology past/Previous question paper

-Phonetics and phonology-English all subject past paper  –Algorithm Course -Phonetics and phonology Phonetics and phonology MCQ -Phonetics and phonology Interview Question  –English all courses -Technology –University Past PaperQuestion paperPast paper

Final Paper in 2019

Q#1. Find out the number of syllabus in the following list.

1. Tomorrow

2. Temperature

3. Morning 4. Shower

5. Intelligent

Q2. Place the stress markers wherever seems appropriate. (05)

1. Beautiful

2. Glamorous

3. Glorious

4. Magnificent

5. Inappropriate

Q3. Transcribe the following paragraph (10)

Another area which has changed is what happens before marriage. In the past, people lived with their parents until they got married. Tomorrow will be another fine day with temperatures reaching higher. A bit cool early in the morning with some showers likely but this will clear up towards midmorning and most areas will have prolonged sunshine for most of the afternoon.

Q4. How would you compare and contrast the phonology of different languages? (10) Q5. How would you categorize the syllable into different sections? Explain with examples. (10)

Q5. Explain the different subsets of Phonetics and Phonology. How would you elaborate the

anatomy of speech production? (10)

 Past/Previous Sessional II in 2019

Note: Attempt all the questions.

Q1. Translate the following transcribed sentences into English. (5)

1. /’pi:ta ‘paipa pikt a pek av piklb, ‘pepa/

2. /’ngad av jak geiv ‘bætlin vein/

3. /stænd klior av do do:z/

4. /n’ pleis kæp ‘a:fto ju:s/ 5. /feik wel bi’fo: ‘ss:vin/

Q2: Explain all the aspects of connected speech with examples (5)

Q#3: Find the number of syllables from the below given words after transcribing them. (5)

1. Celebrate

2. Communicate

3. Become

4. Rehabilitate

5. Pen

Q#4. Highlight the classifications of consonant clusters by giving examples. (5)

Past/Previous Sessional I in 2019

Note: Attempt all the questions.

Q#1 Transcribe the following sentences.(5)

1. I am a good girl. 2. Will you go?

3. You did that,

4. This pen is good.

5. Come in class.

6. They can read.

7. Exams are easy.

8. Take a look.

9. She took the cup.

10. You must be laughing.

Q#2: (a) Describe the manners of articulation and place of articulation.(2.5+2.5)

Each of the following words starts with one of the approximant. Which one?


I. II. U

III. Wrinkle

IV. Red



VII. Water


IX. Rhyme

X. Once

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