Modern Critical Theory past paper

Modern Critical Theory past/Previous question paper

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Modern Critical Theory  Fall 21 in final paper

Q#1. Define the general features and thematic features of Modernism as alterary movement comprehensively. (10)

Q#2. Explain Psychoanalytical criticism in detail. Discuss the Dream Work as presented by

Freud in his Interpretention of Dreams, (10)

Q#3. Define Feminism as a literary theory. Write the major characteristics (themes) proposed in 4th wave (me too) of feminism. (10)

Q#4. Define Postcolonialism. Discuss Diaspora. Alterity. Eurocentrism and Imperialism as the

main topics in postcolonial criticism. (10)

Q#5. Write comprehensive note on the following: (5+5=10)

1. Hybridity

2. Marxist and socialist Feminism

Modern Critical Theory Sessional I in 2021

Attempt the following question in detail.

Question:1 Write a detailed note on Defamiliarization and Literariness as discussed by Shaklovsky and Roman Jakobson in the throry of formalism. 15

Final term paper 2021

Subject: Modern Critical Theory Total Time Allowed: 3 hours

Max Marks: 50

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Question 1

Keeping in mind the Narrative Theory/Narratology, define the following terms. 4+3+3

1. Narrator/Narration

2. focalization

3. Narrative

Question 2

Who is the reader? Who is the implied reader? What experiences, thoughts, or knowledge does the text evoke? What aspects or characters of the text do you identify or dis-identify with, and how does this process of identification affect your response to the text?

Question 3 Write short notes on the following techniques.

1. Black Humor

2. Intertextuality

Question 4

Differentiate between the terms Colonialism and Imperialism. Also, discuss the issues promoted by Colonial Literary writings.

Question 5

What is Postmodernism? Is it a continuation of or a rejection of modernism?

Discuss the major concerns that are discussed by postmodern literary theory. 10

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