Introduction to Linguistic past paper

Introduction to Linguistic past question paper

Introduction to Linguistic Final Paper 2021

Q.NO.1 Write a short note on the followings

1. Place of articulation of the sound

2. Structure of syllable

3. Word formation process

4. Syntax


Q.NO.2 Keeping in mind the basic rules of syntactic analysis, analyse the following sentences.

1. An old man brought a shotgun to the wedding.

2. The women kept a large snake in the cage.

3. The dog loved the cat.

4. John knew that you helped the small boy.

5. The cat followed the cat.


Q.NO.3 Define ‘Morphology”. Discuss different types of morphemes in detail. (Marks:10)

Q.NO.4 Write a comprehensive note on ‘Semantics’. Discuss semantic roles and lexical relations of language. (Marks:10)

Introduction to Linguistic Terminal Examination 2018

Q.1 Define the following terms with examples. (10)

a. Semantics

b. Dental and Interdental

c. Larynx and pharynx

d. Innateness hypothesis

e. Trip_thongs

Q.2 What do you means by the natural sound sources. (05)

Q.3 Define linguistics? Write at least 5 branches of Linguistics. (05)


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