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Q1: Managing change is difficult but important. Discuss this statement including the impacts of organizational culture?

Q2: Your friend has just got promotion and going to have a strategic talk with business units.

As you are studying management, he has approached you for advice. Drawing on Mintzburg’s managerial roles what advice you would give your friend?

Q3: How would you convince your juniors to study management, given the universality of management and their dynamic interests?

Management Final Paper 2022

1. Please describe management Pallding tel mterpersonal, and conceptual skills and how these skills change with dire managers. 10 marks

Q2. Drawing on Mitzburgs managerdoles pleasemederpersonal informational, and

decisional roles. 10 marks

Q3.How would you elaborawan poitant highlighting what do  managers do”? 10 marks

Q4.What constraints and challenges dologers they affect managerial divisions?

Q5. Please explain organizations hermanos in this process 10 marks

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