International Relations Past paper

International Relations Past question paper

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International Relations question paper Final 2019

Attempt any five questions All carry equal marks Be precise

Q no. 1: Kaynes and Hayek had different, contending ideas on the relation between the government and market. Comment

Q no. 2: What is the UN? How does it work?

Q no. 3: What is state? How do IR theories explain the role of state?

Q no. 4: Does Blood Diamond reflect dual standards and hypocrisy of the developed world?

Q no. 5: Briefly comment on the sources of international law with one example of each.

Q no. 6: Summarize your learning outcomes in this course. And critically evaluate the course while suggesting possible solutions for the problems faced.

International Relations question paper Mid term  2019

Attempt all questions.

Avoid unnecessary details and try to be precise.

Q no. 1: How do realists, liberals, and constructivists explain the international system? (10) Q no. 2: What is power? Realists generally categorize sources of state power. Comment. (10)

Sessional 1 question paper 2019

Be precise Attempt both questions

Both questions carry equal marks

Q-1 How did European powers achieve peace in the 19h century?

Q-2 What are the origins of cold war?

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