Game Development past paper

Game Development past/Previous question paper

Game Development Final Paper in 2022

Question no.1

af What are prefabs in unity 3d? b) What is the function of inspector in unity 3d at List out the pros and cons of unity 3d?


Question no.2

by Write down the applications of unity 3d? if Explain the vertex shader and pixel shader.

Why vectors should be normalized when used to move an object?

Why deferred lighting optimizes scenes with a lot of lights and elements?


Question no.3


of Can two game objects having sphere collider set as trigger and rise

on trigger events?

Question no.4

What is fixed time step in unity 3d Why does fixed time step setting affect game speed?


What are the roles of inspector, project, and hierarchy panels in the

unity editor have? Which one is responsible for referencing the

content that will be included in the build process?

Question no.5

a) Why time delta should be used to make things?

by Arrange the event functions listed below in the order in which they

will be invoked when an application is closed.


Explain your game project in terms of objectives, scope, game story, and characters. What you have learned in this project?


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