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ENV231 past/Previous question paper

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Q1. Differentiate the following pairs 1. Toxicology and Toxicants 10

2. Air pollution and Particulate matter 3. Absorption and Distribution of toxicants

4. Adsorption and accumulation

5. Catalyst and enzyme

2.2. Write short note of the following 1. How effect air Pollution our health

2. Importance of Ozone layer

3. Properties of heavy metals and its transportations

4. What is the source of Mercury, and its health effect?

5. What is different between molarity and Normality

3. Explain the following question in detail.

1. (a). What is Bioaccumulation? Explain difference between Bioaccumulation & Biomagnification 6 (b). How Biomagnification affects animals,

2. (a) What is heavy metals, occurrence and health effect of the following heavy Metals (Arsenic, Lead and Cadmium) 8 (b) What is mass equivalent, Calculate the mass equivalent of the HCI, H₂SO₁, HNOx pnd H₂CO), (H=1, CI-35.5, S-32, 0-16, N-14, C-12).

3. (a) What is Toxicology and Types of Toxicology

(b) What is poison and explain different types of poisons

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