Cyber Marketing past paper

Cyber Marketing past question paper

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Subject: Cyber Marketing Total Time Allowed: 3 Hours

Trader Pakistan ( is a multivendor electronic marketplace which allows selling products of various categories to the Pakistani market. In order to increase web traffic and market shares, Trader Pakistan administration wants to optimize the website content for search engine and users. Suppose you are working as Chief Digital Marketer in Trader Pakistan and you are assigned a task of search engine optimization of Trader Website for the said purpose. Keeping in view this scenario, answer the following questions:

a) What do you mean search engine optimization (SEO) and briefly explains its types (ie., On-Page Vs. Off-Page SEO) in respect of their differences?

b) While doing On-Page SEO, what do you think, is it one time setup process, ongoing

process or both? Briefly discuss with why justification. c) What are the major factors of On-Page SEO which you consider for improving the search

engine optimization of Trader Website Contents?

d) Along with On-Page SEO, why does Off-Page SEO matters? e) How do you do Off-Page SEO? List all effective ways and which will you consider most & why?

Question #2:


Being a Chief Digital Marketer of Trader Pakistan, you also believe that Pay Per Click (PPC) is an important alternate to organic way of Search Engine Optimization. Briefly answer the following questions:

a) Why do you believe Pay Per Click (Google Ads) is beneficial for increasing web traffic?

b) What are the campaign types and related key performance indicators (KPIs)?

c) What is the mechanism of Google Ads Auction and briefly explain which factor matters

most in Google Ads Auction Formula & why? d) How a Google Ad Campaign is created and what could be reasons if such campaigns are not performing well?

Question # 3:


Suppose you are running a Digital Marketing Agency, how can you exploit the marketing capabilities provided by for effectively fulfilling the various marketing goals of your advertising clients. Additionally explain all the steps involve in creating a “Lead Generation Campaign” using Facebook Advertising platform.

Question #4:

Briefly explain the process of email marketing and how email marketing can be improved?

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